Jealous Cat Tries To Stop Owner From Calling to Other Feline in Hilarious Video


Jealousy is a common human emotion, but as it turns out, some cats might feel it too.

In a video that was recently posted to Instagram by user @dontstopmeowing, a woman can be seen lying on a sofa with a tabby cat resting on top of her.

The woman calls out for another cat, shouting: “Milly!”

The tabby, who’s name is Chase, immediately reaches out and places his paw on the woman’s mouth, in an apparent bid to stop her from talking.

Giggling, the woman tells her pet to stop, and then shouts out: “Milly, come eat!”

Again, Chase places his paw on her mouth, and she removes it, telling him to stop.

This happens a few more times when she tries to shout out, until the woman turns to the cat, sternly saying: “Seriously, stop!”


The hilarious footage is captioned: “The way he shut me up.”

The pet’s jealous actions have gained lots of traction online since being posted on June 3, having received more than 149,634 likes.

Many rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the funny clip.

One Instagram user, robpau1s3n, wrote: “Chase is definitely a paid actor lmao.”

Another person, _s.i.l.v.i__, added: “Chase is totally on another level.”


Lee_lee_fresh typed: “Chase is something else I swear are you sure he ain’t human?”

Salma_ti commented: “Chase is my favorite person on the internet.”

Whereas syed.adeel.rizvi gushed: “Your new videos are what bring a smile on my face whenever I come across them on an insta scroll 🙂


“Love your family and all the consistent videos you guys keep putting up. Block the noise of the haters and keep making the rest of us happy, even if it is momentarily.

“Love you habibis PS – I think Chase has attachment issues!”

And if funny felines are what you like to read about, this clip of a cat who has learned to laugh like its owner is just the tonic.


Jealous Cat Tries To Stop Owner From Calling to Other Feline in Hilarious Video
A stock image of a cat being stroked. In the Instagram video a cat is seemingly acting jealous of a fellow feline.GETTY IMAGES

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